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Project Sunrise - Gentoo User Overlay


1.  Project Description

Project Sunrise is a starting point for gentoo users to contribute. The team members encourage users to write ebuilds and make sure that they follow Gentoo QA standards. The project maintains an overlay where users who would like to contribute ebuilds can get access. We work closely with the overlays, QA, userrel and devrel projects to reach our goals.

2.  Project Goals

Our goals include but are not limited to:

  • provide a central home for contributed ebuilds that do not (yet) find a place in the portage tree
  • encourage users to write ebuilds
  • find new recruits
  • get users to contribute their ebuilds to "gentoo" instead of a third-party overlay
  • make maintainer-wanted ebuild access and development easier
  • work with users on new ebuilds and explain to them what they can do better
  • provide and manage a single overlay for projects/herds that do not want to maintain one on their own
  • encourage users to actively maintain ebuilds on portage tree by becoming proxy maintainers

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
tommy Lead ( Administration and Ebuild-Review )
chithanh Member ( Ebuild-review )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Trusted Committers

Trusted Committers have taken the ebuild quiz and shown that they are able to look up issues themselves in the documentation. They are allowed to commit ebuilds without going through the usual pre-review. Of course their ebuilds are like every other sunrise ebuild only available for public checkout after developer review.

Name Nickname Email address

5.  Participating

#gentoo-sunrise on

Stop by on IRC at #gentoo-sunrise on

6.  Useful Resources


Page updated September 14, 2010

Summary: Project Sunrise provides a gentoo user overlay - the team members take care of the health of the overlay

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