Gentoo Server Project: Main Page

Wade Mealing  Author

Page updated 28 July 2003

1.  What is the Gentoo Server Project

The aim of the Gentoo Server Project is to make Gentoo Linux more appealing to the enterprise market. Large institutions have different needs than small business and home users. The network in these institutions are more complex and have different demands.

The Gentoo Server Projects goal is to make administration of a single Gentoo host, to a fleet of machines easier and more cost effective for the administrator and the business.

2.  Gentoo Server Status

Active Development

The current active development in the Gentoo Server Project are are:

Project: Description:
Installation Documentation on installing and configuring a Gentoo machine
Configuration Configuring a machine to meet the demands in a server environment
Administration Good practices when administrating a server
Documentation Documenting all the above, as well as internal documentation of this project

Planned Development

The current planned development in the Gentoo Server Project are:

Project: Description:
Stable Portage Tree Developing a stable portage tree for use in servers, and only updating when a bugfix or security issue arrises. Increasing the life of the operating system and providing a stable platform for applications
Centralised Configuration Management Formalising a methodology to manage the configuration of servers and desktop configuration
Rapid Deployment By using a base system, and Centralised Configuration Management, system rollouts for both workstations and servers can be deployed quickly and easily as per the paper

3.  Gentoo Server Project Developers

Each developer working on Gentoo Server Project is listed here, full time indicates that their main Gentoo position is on this project, part time indicates that their main position lies in another area but they do additional work on the Gentoo Server Project.

Developer Name Username Full/Part Time Areas of Responsibilty
Kurt Lieber klieber part Project Sponsor

4.  I Want to Participate

To participate in the Gentoo server project first join the mailing list at Then ask if there are plans to support something that you are interested in, propose a new subproject that you are interested in or choose one of the planned subprojects to work on. You may talk to the developers and users in the IRC channel #gentoo-server on for more information or just to chat about the project or any subprojects. If you don't have the ability to actively help by contributing work we will always need testers to maintain the security and stability of the overall product. All development, testing, and productive comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.