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1.  Project Description

The Gentoo/Alt Arch Testers (ATs) assist the developers with the time-consuming testing to help keeping the tree up to date. They mainly communicate with the developers through Gentoo's Bugzilla ( and IRC. The ATs are also on the relevant mail alias so they can watch the bugzilla traffic closely.

2.  Partipicating

We are constantly looking for new ATs. If you meet the following criterias, you are likely our ideal candidate:

  • You are running any of the Gentoo/Alts
  • You like tinkering with new software
  • You want to get involved with Gentoo development, and want to help the project better

If you would like to parcipicate in the project, please send an email to welp. You will be lead through the process and helped with the ebuild quiz, which is a requirement for all ATs. Gentoo/Prefix ATs should also complete the Gentoo/Prefix quiz.

Note: ATs are not official Gentoo developers, they are, however, a recognized part of the Gentoo/Alt project.

3.  Arch Testers Policy

There are a few rules which must be followed to ensure a certain quality level; Gentoo/Alt ATs must fulfill these requirements:

  • Use reasonable CFLAGS
  • Enable at least the following FEATURES: collision-protect, test
  • Test thoroughly
  • Check that the ebuild has got no open bugs
  • Use the category/package-version format when reporting success or failure
  • Always append emerge --info to bug reports

4.  Gentoo/Alt AT listing

The following people are currently contributing to the project:

Subproject Full Name Nickname Status Email
Gentoo/FreeBSD Nathan Smith ndansmith Active
Gentoo/Prefix Florian Voigt Niat Pre-quiz
Gentoo/Prefix Philipp Riegger stoile Pre-quiz
Gentoo/FreeBSD Pierre Guinoiseau geekounet Pre-quiz
Gentoo/Prefix Matt Hull mattmatteh Pre-quiz
Gentoo/FreeBSD Toffanin Mauro [equilibrium] Active


Page updated March 15, 2007

Summary: The Gentoo/Alt AT project is devoted to helping developers with timeconsuming testing.

Peter Weller

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