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These questions are intended to ensure a deep understanding of Gentoo as a whole and specific development situations that you will likely encounter during your time as a Gentoo developer. It's perfectly acceptable to ask your mentor or other knowledgeable individuals for assistance. When completed, answers should be mailed to recruiters along with other items mentioned on

Quiz selection

Developers who will have commit access to the Portage tree and/or will be performing ebuild development or maintenance tasks should take the ebuild quiz. Once the mentoring period is completed (or during the mentoring period, at the developer's option) the developer must also submit the end of mentoring quiz. It is strongly advisable to submit both quizzes before a recruiter is assigned to perform the review sessions to avoid delays or interruption during this process.

Developers who will be strictly working on infrastructure, GLSAs, or other non-ebuild areas of the project and will not have commit access to the Portage tree should take the staff quiz.

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Project-wide documentation

Gentoo Developer Handbook:

Gentoo Development Guide:

Developer relations documentation

ComRel policy:

Metastructure documentation

Herds project:

GLEP project:

TLP listing:

Miscellaneous documentation

Setting up and accessing your dev email:

GnuPG guide:


Page updated December 22, 2013

Summary: Instructions for new developers

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