1. Etiquette policy


1.a. Introduction and some simple suggestions

These suggestions are designed to be an easy-to-follow guide to what Developer Relations would expect to be good developer etiquette. They should cover most areas and should be employed wherever they can be.

That doesn't mean that we expect you to follow this guide to the bullet point; nor do we expect you even agree with it - we do expect, however that all developers maintain reasonable standards of behaviour with our community - whether to other developers or users. However, you may be subject to sanctions or a suspension if a reasonable standard is not met.

By reasonable standards we don't want you to feel that we are not allowing you to say anything, rather, we believe that how you say it, and the method and professionalism in how you express your opinion defines whether you meet the reasonable standards or not, since, as a developer, what you say and do reflects upon Gentoo and the project as a whole. We just require you to be equally respectful to developers and users alike, and to value the opinion of everybody - even if you think it's totally wrong.

You should try to use good spelling and grammar everywhere: whether in a CVS commit message, a ChangeLog, or even on IRC if you want to be really nice and make somebody's day. But don't worry; we won't really mind if you don't. You might not notice it, but by taking some effort to clean things up, the amount of time it takes to read your sentences is greatly lowered. However, it is also important not to lose the rope at the same time and make something too eloquent that takes too long to parse.

1.b. What you should try not to do

One should try to not be rude, abusive or impolite under any circumstances. Sometimes, just one sarcastic comment can change the tone to the reader. If you think you might give somebody a bad as a result of your comment, and if you really need to say it, make sure people understand that you are not trying to be offensive.

Please remember that you are an official representative of Gentoo. In this capacity, you are expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism and courtesy in your day-to-day interactions with users and other developers.

1.c. Tips