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Gentoo Developer Relations


1.  Project Description

Developer relations handles many personnel-related tasks, such as adding and removing developers, solving conflicts, and providing a contact point for prospective and current developers.

2.  Project Goals

The stated goal for developer relations is to act as a meeting point for Gentoo developers and advanced users both. As such, developer relations is concerned with both intra-developer relations as well as forming relations with advanced users and prospective developers.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
hwoarang Lead ( Lead )
dilfridge Member
jmbsvicetto Member
keytoaster Member
lu_zero Member
quantumsummers Member
robbat2 Member
Members from subproject recruiters
hwoarang Lead
jlec Member ( recruiter )
tommy Member ( recruiter )
Members from subproject undertakers
hwoarang Lead
djc Member
pacho Member
phajdan.jr Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Subprojects

The devrel project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
roll-call This sub-project maintains the status of developers, present and past
recruiters hwoarang The recruiters subproject provides a central location for information about developer recruitment and recruiter policy.
undertakers hwoarang The Developer Relations Undertakers project handles developer retirement, both when developers announce their retirement as well as due to developer inactivity.
Documentation Developer's handbook that provides developer documentation, guides, and policies for development.
Policy Policy guide for conflict resolution and other developer relations issues.

5.  I Want to Participate

To participate in the Gentoo Developer Relations project, please contact us via email ( or IRC (#gentoo-devrel on Additionally the recruiters email address as listed in the above table can be contacted with the subject "Devrel Personnel".


Summary: The developer relations Project is an effort to recruit, train, and manage developers for Gentoo's development structure.

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