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The screenshots on this page are contributed by various Gentoo users. Information about the themes used, background images, etc. is not available through Gentoo. You will need to contact the author of the screenshot (if you can find this person) for more information.

You can always try locating the authors on our #gentoo chat channel on or through the Gentoo Forums.

If you are looking for some older screenshots, check out the 2011 screenshot page.

aisbaa's Fluxbox desktop

First place 2012 screenshot contest!

Eraindil's Openbox desktop

Second place 2012 screenshot contest!

motoko's Fluxbox desktop

Third place 2012 screenshot contest!

spark666's Dwm desktop

Fourth place 2012 screenshot contest!

tarik's Kde desktop

Fifth place 2012 screenshot contest!


Page updated September 13, 2012

Summary: Screenshots of Gentoo Linux in action.

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