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Page updated September 11, 2011

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The screenshots on this page are contributed by various Gentoo users. Information about the themes used, background images, etc. is not available through Gentoo. You will need to contact the author of the screenshot (if you can find this person) for more information.

You can always try locating the authors on our #gentoo chat channel on or through the Gentoo Forums.

If you are looking for some older screenshots, check out last years screenshot page.

whtwtr's Compiz desktop

First place 2011 screenshot contest!

An uncluttered and functional desktop with heads-up display of critical system stats. Conky v1.8.0 renders the animated middle rings which represent CPU load, Memory used, and file system "in-use" percentages. Moving toward the bottom we have; the current time, global night/day image updated every 15min (clouds update every 3 hours), and the current weather conditions. Bottom left we have temps of the CPU, GPU, and system Hard Drive along with CPU Frequency and network upload & download graphs. Finally Bottom right, we have a horizontal calendar showing the week-day, month, current date and year. Wallpaper by yours truly... PM me on the forum if you want the config files... ~Cheers!


ifenslave's Kde desktop

Second place 2011 screenshot contest!

A clean desktop screenshot. The widgets are showing a dmesg, active processes, external IP, incoming/outgoing network traffic, mounted file system and actual moon phase.


Berr's Xfce desktop

Third place 2011 screenshot contest!

This is my Xfce desktop. Gtk style: Mist. Icons: GNOME-Brave. Gkrellm with mpd plugin. The Wallpaper is "Sign of the Hammer". (I took Manowar's Sign of the Hammer album cover and switched the colors). Terminal without borders and menus with default xfce compositing. Programs are started by shortcuts or by xfce-verve-plugin. The quote is from Duke Nukem.


ramonovski's Scrotwm desktop

Fourth place 2011 screenshot contest!

The applications in the screenshot are cowsay, ncmpcpp(mpd), ttyload, ls++, htop, vim and pydf. The ASCII art, color scheme and details script by me. The wallpaper is from voidsenses at deviantart. With some of my own color modifications. All config files are in a personal github repository, if you are interested in any of the config's let me know.


slashbeast's Openbox desktop

Fifth place 2011 screenshot contest!

In the screenshot is openbox, tint2 as taskbar, conky as system monitor and another conky just to display logs from /var/log/everything/current. The setup is designed to be light and fast, there is no place for desktop icons and such.

The wallpaper -

openbox theme - 1977-Black