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1.  Mailing Lists

The Gentoo free software project has a number of public mailing lists, covering a variety of Gentoo-related subjects. Our mailing lists are powered by mlmmj and provides List-Id: mail headers and [listname] subject prefixes to comply with modern mailing list manager standards and conventions.

One interacts with mlmmj via email. To subscribe to a list, send an empty email to:

Note: Replace 'listname' with the actual name of the list that you want to subscribe to, e.g.: to subscribe to the gentoo-user mailing list.

You will then recieve a subscription confirmation request (double opt-in) from the list manager, that you must reply to if you wish to subscribe.

Once subscribed to the list, you can post to it by sending an email to:

To unsubscribe from a list, send an empty email to:

Note: You must use the identical address that you subscribed with to unsubscribe successfully. If your email address is now forwarded/rewritten beyond your control, please contact the list owner via with a request for manual removal.

You will then recieve a unsubscription confirmation request (double opt-in) from the list manager, that you must reply to if you wish to be unsubscribed.

All of our lists also have a corresponding digest list. Digest lists will mail a single email to you every couple of days, rather than individual emails for each post. If you are subscribed to the digest variant and wish to be unsubscribed, you must specifically unsubscribe from the digest variant. Using the email address that you wish to (un)subscribe, send an empty email to the following addresses to subscribe and unsubscribe from mailing lists respectively:

Some users may want to post to the list, but not actually receive mail from it (such as those who read lists via an alternate method, such as our archives or gmane). These users may subscribe to the "nomail" option of each list:

You can learn more about the capabilities of mlmmj by sending an empty mail to the following address:

Important: You can also learn more about the Gentoo mailing list system, including etiquette and acceptable behavior, by reading the short Gentoo mailing list FAQ that appears later in this document.

Very few of the Gentoo lists are moderated: only the -announce lists are fully moderated. Additionally, some of our high-traffic lists have moderators in place for spam and unsubscribe requests (matching mail via regex). The moderators can be reached by emailing:

To get on a "Restricted" lists, you must be subscribed by an administrator; the normal subscribe process is disabled.

Primary Gentoo Mailing Lists

List name Description Moderators
gentoo-user General Gentoo user support and discussion mailing list
gentoo-announce General Gentoo announcements list (new releases, security fixes) [moderated] a3li,craig,dberkholz,jaervosz,keytoaster,klieber,rajiv,underling
gentoo-dev General Gentoo developer discussion mailing list robbat2
gentoo-dev-announce Gentoo development-specific announcements list [moderated] dberkholz,robbat2,vapier
gentoo-project For the discussion of non-technical matters in Gentoo robbat2
gentoo-security For the discussion of security issues and fixes
gentoo-doc For documentation contributions, suggestions, improvements and translations
gentoo-doc-cvs Subscribe to this list if you want to be notified on changes regarding our documentation
gentoo-commits Subscribe to this list if you want to be notified on changes in the CVS, SVN and Git trees. This is a high-traffic read-only list! robbat2
gentoo-alpha For Gentoo Linux/Alpha user support and discussion
gentoo-amd64 For Gentoo Linux/AMD64 user support and discussion
gentoo-hppa Discussions about running Gentoo on the HPPA architecture
gentoo-mips Discussions about running Gentoo on the MIPS architecture
gentoo-powerpc For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC user support and development discussion
gentoo-sparc For Gentoo Linux/Sparc user support and discussion
gentoo-bsd Discussion about Gentoo/BSD
gentoo-alt Discussion about the Gentoo on Alternate Platforms Project
gentoo-containers Discussion about containers on Gentoo.
gentoo-kernel Release announcements for gentoo-sources, vesafb-tng, fbsplash and discussion
gentoo-keys Discussion regarding signing and verifying the Gentoo x86 tree.
gentoo-licenses Discussion regarding software licenses in gentoo.
gentoo-desktop Mailing list devoted to Gentoo on the desktop
gentoo-hardened For a security hardened version of Gentoo
gentoo-portage-dev Portage Internals and Portage Interface Development Discussion
gentoo-catalyst Mailinglist dedicated to catalyst
gentoo-server Discussions about Gentoo in production environments
gentoo-admin Discussion about Gentoo Linux administration issues
gentoo-cluster Discussions about Gentoo in clustered environments
gentoo-devhelp Discussion and help with ebuild developement issues for users robbat2
gentoo-embedded For Gentoo Linux/embedded user and developer discussion
gentoo-releng Mailinglist for the Gentoo release management team
gentoo-releng-autobuilds Mailinglist for the output of the Gentoo weekly autobuilds output from the release management team
gentoo-pr Mailinglist for all Gentoo public-relation discussion
gentoo-qa Discussions about QA and its improvement within Gentoo
gentoo-mirrors Announcements and discussion among Gentoo mirror admins and developers regarding releases and other issues
gentoo-perl Discussion of perl on Gentoo
gentoo-java Discussion about Java on Gentoo
gentoo-science Discussion on science-related applications and integration in Gentoo
gentoo-accessibility Discussion about the Gentoo Accessibility Project
gentoo-soc Discussion on Gentoo activities related to Google's Summer of Code
gentoo-lisp Discussion about Lisp on Gentoo
gentoo-nfp The Gentoo NFP/Trustees Mailing list calchan,dabbott,fox2mike,neddyseagoon,quantumsummers,rich0,robbat2
gentoo-scm Discussion about migration of primary Gentoo repositories to alternate SCMs.
gentoo-pms Discussion about the Gentoo Package Manager Specification.
gentoo-guis Discussion about Gentoo specific guis development and user support
gentoo-genkernel Discussion about development of genkernel
gentoo-python Discussions centering around the Python ecosystem in Gentoo Linux

Non-English Mailing Lists

List name Description Moderators
gentoo-user-br Brazilian Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-cs Czech and Slovak Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-de deutschsprachige Gentoo User Diskussionsliste dertobi123
gentoo-user-el Greek Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-es Lista para la ayuda y discusion de usuarios hispano-hablantes de Gentoo
gentoo-user-fr French Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-hu Hungarian Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-id Indonesian Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-nl Dutch Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-pl Polish Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-ru Russian Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-user-tr Turkish Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-doc-es Lista de correo dedicada a la traduccion y creacion de documentacion en Espanol de Gentoo

Other Mailing Lists

List name Description Moderators
eudev For the discussion of eudev development
libconf For the discussion of libconf development
bug-wranglers Special-purpose list for the Gentoo Bug Wranglers. This mailing list is by invite only. If you are interested in joining, simply get active on bugzilla and help our existing members wrangle bugs. You'll get noticed and invited to be a bug-wrangler in due course.
gentoo-test For testing of the list management software (restricted list)
gentoo-core Internal Gentoo developer discussions (non-development, restricted list)
gentoo-foundation-announce Legally required announcements of the Gentoo Foundation to foundation members (restricted & moderated list) dabbott,neddyseagoon,quantumsummers,rich0,robbat2
gentoo-infrastructure Internal Gentoo Infrastructure project list (restricted list)

Inactive, Closed Gentoo Mailing Lists

Archives still exist but these lists are closed for new posts.

List name Description
gentoo-arm Discussions about running Gentoo on the ARM architecture
gentoo-au Discussion within Australian developers and local events organisation
gentoo-council Gentoo Council mailing list (merged with gentoo-project)
gentoo-cvs Commit emails for CVS (merged to gentoo-commits list)
gentoo-cygwin For Gentoo cygwin user support and discussion
gentoo-dev-lang Discussion of programming language support and related issues in Gentoo
gentoo-desktop-research Discussions about improving the Gentoo desktop experience
gentoo-devrel Gentoo Developer Relations mailing list
gentoo-doc-de German Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-el Greek Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-hu Hungarian Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-id Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-fi Finnish Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-fr French Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-docs-it Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-lt Lithuanian Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-nl Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-pl Polish Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-doc-ru Russian Gentoo Documentation Translation List
gentoo-extreme-security Discussion about Gentoo Extreme Security project
gentoo-forum-translations Gentoo Forums translations list
gentoo-gnustep Discussion about GNUstep on Gentoo
gentoo-gmn Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn)
gentoo-gmn-admin Gentoo Monthly Newsletter - administratriva for English authors (shared with gentoo-gwn-admin, restricted list)
gentoo-gmn-admin-de Gentoo Monthly Newsletter - administratriva for German translations (shared with gentoo-gwn-admin-de, restricted list)
gentoo-gmn-admin-es Gentoo Monthly Newsletter - administratriva for Spanish translations (shared with gentoo-gwn-admin-es, restricted list)
gentoo-gmn-de German Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn-de)
gentoo-gmn-es Spanish Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn-es)
gentoo-gmn-fr French Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn-fr)
gentoo-gmn-nl Dutch Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn-nl)
gentoo-gmn-pl Polish Gentoo Monthly Newsletter (shared with gentoo-gwn-pl)
gentoo-gwn Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-gwn-admin Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - administratriva for English authors (restricted list)
gentoo-gwn-admin-de Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - administratriva for German translations (restricted list)
gentoo-gwn-admin-es Gentoo Weekly Newsletter - administratriva for Spanish translations (restricted list)
gentoo-gwn-de German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-gwn-es Spanish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-gwn-fr French Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-gwn-nl Dutch Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-gwn-pl Polish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
gentoo-ia64 For Gentoo Linux/ia64 user support and discussion
gentoo-installer Discussion about the Gentoo Linux Installer Project
gentoo-laptop Discussion on powersaving, pcmcia and other laptop-related stuff
gentoo-media Discussion about Gentoo media packages
gentoo-osx Discussion about Gentoo on OSX project (merged to gentoo-alt list)
gentoo-performance Discussions about improving the performance of Gentoo
gentoo-ppc-user For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC user support and discussion
gentoo-ppc-dev For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC developer discussion
gentoo-proctors Discussions of the Gentoo Proctors project (restricted list)
gentoo-scire Discussion about the Systems Configuration, Installation and Replication Environment Project
gentoo-translators For discussion of document translation issues
gentoo-trustees Internal Gentoo Foundation Trustees discussions (restricted list)
gentoo-user-kr Korean Gentoo User Mailing List
gentoo-uk Discussion within United Kingdom developers and UK based events organisation
gentoo-vdr Discussion about VDR on Gentoo
gentoo-web-user Discussion of web configuration and administration related to Gentoo's web tools
gentoo-xbox Discussion about Gentoo for Xbox
gnap-dev Discussion about development of the Gentoo GNAP project
tenshi-announce Announcements about the Gentoo Tenshi project
tenshi-dev Discussion about development of the Gentoo Tenshi project
www-redesign Dedicated to the development of the new Gentoo website

2.  Archives

Gentoo mailing list archives are collected on

The following sites also host archives of most of the mailing lists.
MARC: Mailing list ARChives

3.  Mailing List Mini-FAQ

I subscribed to a list using my home email address, but I can't post to the list from work. What do I do to fix this?

To reduce spam, all of our lists are configured to only allow posts from official subscriber email addresses. Fortunately, mlmmj supports "nomail" subscriptions, allowing you to register alternate email addresses that can be used only for posting to the list. Here's an example of how this works. Let's say you subscribed to the gentoo-dev list as, but you'd also like to post to the list using your email address. To do this, send a message (as to You should then be allowed to post to gentoo-dev using both your home and work email addresses.

In line with the original spam reduction goal, if you post to the list from a non-subscribed address, your mail will be delivered to /dev/null. You will not receive any bounce message from our servers. This prevents spammers from forging your address to get a bounce delivered to you.

I want to switch from regular delivery to digest delivery. How do I do this?

Unsubscribe from the normal list and then subscribe to the digest list. For list listname, this would be done by sending empty emails to the following two addresses:

How do I use procmail to filter Gentoo mailing list messages?

To filter incoming mail arriving from list listname, use the following procmail recipe:

Code Listing 3.1: Sample procmail recipe

* ^List-Id:.*listname\.gentoo\.org

This is identical to how you'd filter incoming Mailman mailing list manager emails.

Miscellaneous list policies.

HTML email is discouraged, but not forbidden (there are some MUA, specifically web-based that make it very hard to disable HTML entirely). Beware that some users may have their recieving side configured to hide HTML entirely, so it might look like you are ignored, especially if you sent HTML-only email. In order of preference, you should endeavour to send: text/plain, multipart with text/plain before text/html, text/html. MIME is acceptable and widely used.

Please do not send any vacation or out of office messages to the list. In the interests of reducing list spam, if you set any auto-responding message that goes to the lists, we will unsubscribe your account from ALL lists. Any previously subscribed addresses that send mail server messages to the lists will also be removed.

Do not cross-post when sending messages to a list! Sending the same message to more than one list at a time leads to fragmentation of the thread when some people reply on one list, and some on another list. There's no guarantee that the recipients of your message are on both lists. Choose just one list when sending a message.

Note: For general email list etiquette, these guidelines are an excellent primer.

My question isn't answered above, whom do I ask for help?

If you need additional help beyond the above, please file a bug, or contact

4.  Privacy policy & disclaimer

The mailing lists are public forums, except for lists explicitly otherwise. For lists explicitly marked private or restricted, all of the following except web archives are applicable.

All emails sent to the lists are distributed both to the list subscribers and copied to the Gentoo archives, for people to browse or search without the need to be subscribed.

There may be other places where lists are distributed — please make sure you never send any confidential or unlicensed material to the lists. This includes things like e-mail addresses. Of particular note is the fact that spammers, viruses, worms etc have been known to abuse e-mail addresses posted to our mailing lists.

Gentoo maintains the mailing lists in good faith and will take steps to curb all noticed abuse and maintain uninterrupted normal service. At the same time, Gentoo is not responsible for all mailing list posts or anything that may happen in relation to them.

These policies are based on the policies of the Debian mailing lists.

Page updated February 28, 2015

Summary: Gentoo public mailing lists

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