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1.  About:

These guidelines govern the acceptance and acknowledgement of sponsorships and the acceptance of advertising on Gentoo infrastructure.

2.  Sponsors Page:

  • The sponsors page can be found here
  • 25-100 words in English.
  • We suggest two paragraphs, the first about the sponsor, and the second a brief outline of the contribution.
  • The only HTML markup permitted is links.
  • We have English-native-language editors to help you with the text.
  • Translations will be present eg: (but tend to lag a few weeks for updates)
  • Image is optional but recommended.
    • One link for the image.
    • Suggested width: 400-600px
    • Suggested height: 125-200px
    • Max area: 90000 px^2
    • File format: PNG or JPG
    • No animations permitted

3.  Sidebar Ad:

  • Text XOR image
  • exact width: 125px
  • max height: 125px
  • Max filesize: 25KiB
  • 0-50 characters of mouseover text in English
  • Multi-lingual versions support (we will translate if required)
  • File format: PNG or JPG
  • No animations permitted
  • Destination link
  • Show quoted text

4.  Chapter 3

Chapter 3 if needed.


Page updated 2012-7-9

Summary: Gentoo Infrastructure Sponsorship And Advertising Guide



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