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1.  Introduction


The Gentoo Foundation holds regular meetings via IRC. These are found on in #gentoo-trustees. /topic contains the date of next meeting and a link to the Agenda.

Meeting logs, agendas & reports

Date Present Absent Agenda Log
2012/10/21 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, Rich0, robbat2 quantumsummers Agenda Log
2012/08/19 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, robbat2, quantumsummers Apologies Rich0 Agenda Log 2012 AGM
2012/07/15 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, robbat2, quantumsummers, Rich0 None Agenda Log
2012/06/17 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, robbat2 quantumsummers, Rich0 Agenda Log
2012/05/20 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, quantumsummers, robbat2 Rich0 Agenda Log
2012/04/15 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, quantumsummers, Rich0, robbat2 None Agenda Log
2012/03/18 dabbott, NeddySeagoon, Rich0, robbat2 quantumsummers Agenda Log
2012/02/19 dabbott, quantumsummers, Rich0, robbat2 NeddySeagoon Agenda Log
2012/01/15 NeddySeagoon, dabbott, robbat2, Rich0, quantumsummers None Agenda Log

2.  Motions


Gentoo Foundation Meeting Motions

3.  Contact


  • Trustees - email, trustees at


Page updated October 24, 2012

Summary: Here you will find the Gentoo Foundation Inc. Trustees meeting records, including Agendas, raw irc logs, from meetings held in 2012.

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