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1.  Gentoo Documentation Resources

Available Languages

Our documentation is also available in the following languages:

Czech | English | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Polish | Spanish


Welcome to the Gentoo Documentation Resources. This page will give you a quick overview on the documentation we provide. Most documentation is released under the Creative Commons - Attribution / Share Alike license, an open documentation license. All documentation should also be available in a printer-friendly format. To view this document, append ?style=printable to the URL. You'll also find a "Print" link on the top-right corner of each document.

If you find bugs in our documentation or have proposals, please use our Bugtracking System and fill in a bug report for "Documentation" or "Doc Other". These bug reports will then be handled by the Gentoo Documentation Project.

Documentation Repository

Our documentation is categorized and hierarchically navigable. If you want a quick overview of all available documentation without the additional information, please use our Documentation Listing page. We also have a full listing of all our documents with their descriptions.

2.  Project Specific Documentation

Base Project Documentation

Gentoo/AMD64 Howtos : Here, you can find the Gentoo/AMD64 Howtos.

Gentoo Embedded Handbook: The Gentoo Embedded Handbook is the center point for all Embedded work done with Gentoo. It aims to cover just about all aspects of the process -- from theory to design to practice.

Gentoo x86 Arch Tester's FAQ: This document is the x86 Arch Tester's bible.

Developer Relations Documentation

Gentoo Developer Handbook: This is the Gentoo Developer Handbook, a continuing effort to centralize development policies across Gentoo and to also outline Gentoo's development systems and procedures.

Documentation Project Documentation

Gentoo Linux Documentation Policy: This document contains the Gentoo Documentation Policy, which is the base document which all Gentoo Documentation developers and Contributors should know and exercise.

Documentation Development Tips & Tricks: Some tips & tricks that make the life for a Gentoo Documentation Developer easier

How to Install Gorg: This guide describes how to install and configure gorg.

Translators Howto for Gentoo Documentation: A frequently asked question is how to become a translator and what actions should be performed both to become one and to act as one. This document tries to explain all this.

Gentoo Metadoc XML Guide: This guide informs developers how to use the Metadoc XML format that allows the Gentoo Documentation Project to keep its documentation in a hierarchical manner and allow more information to be stored about each document.

Hardened Project Documentation

Introduction to Hardened Gentoo:A Primer on Hardened Gentoo.

Using Xorg on Hardened Gentoo: How to install and use Xorg on Hardened Gentoo

Gentoo Hardened / SELinux Documentation: All our SELinux documentation have moved to the Gentoo Wiki.

Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) for Linux - Overview: This document should give you an overview of RSBAC access control system.

Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) for Linux - Quickstart:This document will guide you through the installation of the RSBAC on Gentoo Linux

Infrastructure Project Documentation

Metastructure Project Documentation

Gentoo ProjectXML Guide: This guide shows you how to create an official GuideXML page for a Gentoo Linux Project. The guide assumes a basic knowledge of the GuideXML format.

Public Relations Project Documentation

Presentation Howto: Learn to write and structure Gentoo presentations.

Release Engineering Project Documentation

Catalyst FAQ: Frequently asked questions relating to the Catalyst tool.

Gentoo Linux Installer: An introduction to the Gentoo Linux Installer project discussing its purpose, design structure, and participants.

Gentoo Linux Release Guidelines: This guide covers both the QA and release guidelines for the Gentoo Linux biannual release system.

System profile update procedure for 2004.0: This guide explains both the philosophy and the process behind the 2004.0 profile naming scheme change.

Security Project Documentation

Gentoo Linux Security: This page is the entry point for all Gentoo Linux security concerns.

Gentoo Linux Vulnerability Treatment Policy: This document describes the policy used in Gentoo Linux to treat vulnerabilities discovered in the packages made available to our users.

Tips for searching and filtering Security bugs: This document gives tips and hints for helping filter security-related bugzilla bugs.

Gentoo Forums Documentation

Gentoo Forums Moderator Policies and Guidelines: This guide is a set of basic rules and policies for moderating the Gentoo Forums

Gentoo Overlays Documentation

Gentoo Overlays: Users' Guide: This guide helps users understand how to use the Gentoo Overlays service.

Gentoo Overlays: Developers' Guide: This guide helps developers and contributors understand how to use the Gentoo Overlays service.

Gentoo Overlays Policy: This is the policy document governing the Gentoo Overlays service.

Page updated September 24, 2017

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